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Published:November 17, 2022


Our partnership with Stability AI, the company backing the open-source development of generative AI, including Stable Diffusion and Dance Diffusion, enables text-to-art creations.

We are the first social platform to launch generative AI authoring for consumers with Stability AI, enabling people to easily create and own digital collectibles. Woot! Now anyone can create collectibles, for their friends, fans, and community, in minutes! Through this partnership, our users unlock a powerful new creation tool: their imagination.

The Revel platform is already booming with creative talents:

How Text-To-Art Works:

Users type in a description of a scene they would like to see visually rendered and select style filters. Then Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion technology does its magic and generates unique, high-resolution digital media files. Users can then immediately trade these unique digital assets as collectibles.

The Company Behind the API

Stability AI is bringing AI technology to the masses. Their APIs enable anyone with an internet connection to use their imagination, write a textual description and instantly create digital media. We are proud to be the first social platform to launch generative AI authoring for consumers with Stability AI.

What’s Next?

Our mission is to constantly reinvent and find new ways to allow users to create and share personalized collectibles. Enhancements and refinements will continue in the text-to-art functionality on Revel, including allowing users to upload photos and produce custom AI images.


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