Featured Creator: HeavensLastAngel

Published:December 29, 2022


Generative AI Artist

Since, the social collectibles platform, launched the team is overwhelmed with the breadth and depth of media being shared by our early users. We are working feverishly to provide a platform for creators to connect with their community and for fans to have a stake in the creators they believe in. allows communities to come together by creating, sharing, and co-owning personal media assets.

The Featured Creator Series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at who these creators are, what they do, and why they are using Revel. This week we sat down with user HeavensLastAngel to learn about his journey into becoming an incredibly talented and successful generative AI artist.

Meet HeavensLastAngel

HeavensLastAngel (HLA) burst onto the generative art scene, going from curious explorer to monetized artistry in less than 18 months.

“I’m a musician. I sing, rap, produce and engineer,” HLA explained. Compared to the traditional journey of a musician, 18 months truly feels like an overnight success.

HLA started experimenting with AI-generated artwork in the summer of 2021.

“I joined a few Discord servers. I got really obsessed with what could be done and where the technology would be 10 years from now.”

HLA describes his early experience with AI as magical, watching a machine create something that previously was only possible via a human action.

When asked about his success, HLA credited the community and the utility of his creations, as visuals accompanying music.

For HLA, visual art paired with original music composition created a deeper connection with audiences. He says that pairing visual and audio experiences made his pieces more intimate and personal, transferring the emotional experience of the artist to the viewer. This allowed the entire community to become a part of something bigger than themselves.

Musicians and artists can benefit the most from building a Web3 community early on, says HLA.

HeavensLastAngel on Revel

Revel allows people to explore the idea of collectible assets within a community setting. By simplifying the technical details of blockchain technology, Revel gives the power of Web3 with the ease of use of Instagram and TikTok.

“There’s a need for digital assets. As we go further into an integrated world, people need to be able to own assets and monetize assets in a virtual environment. Digital assets give you the ability to control what you create and monetize it so that you can create more. And for the fan, it gives them the ability to invest in a creator beyond a stream or a like or a follow.”

Revel community members are early adopters of the future of the creator-fan relationship, and the fast-paced trading elements keep everyone engaged beyond traditional NFT drops.

“You’re seeing it on a smaller level with creatives opening [small, private communities]. It is a superior way to engage with your superfans compared to Instagram. You’re able to communicate with people who really want to be there and support you. Those fans are giving the extra effort and they are seeing a reward.”

What’s Next

2023 will certainly be an exciting time for Revel Creators like HeavensLastAngel. We look forward to sharing more of our creators’ stories and Revel assets with our community.

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