Burn, Baby, Burn…

Published:February 12, 2023


Curating your collection (and rolling the dice) with our new “Burn” feature

Embrace Your Inner Pyro

If you’re an avid Revel.xyz app user, you’ve probably accumulated a number of Commons and maybe even some Rares that just don’t really fit in your collection. Perhaps they aren’t suited to your personal taste, or maybe their creators had an off day during minting. Or, you’ve collected several Series from your favorite collector and can’t keep up with all the harvest you receive.

Can you trade them? Of course! One person’s trash may be another person’s treasure.

Sometimes, though, even trading may feel like too much effort. You want these assets gone! We hear you, and we’re excited to tell you about our new “Burn” feature, which is now live in the app.

How Does it Work?

You can find the Burn feature in your Portfolio under the “Assets” tab. Just tap the black button near the top of the screen with the flame icon and you can get started.

We currently allow users to burn 3 assets in exchange for a mystery Common asset from our Revel.xyz Treasury, or 15 assets in exchange for a mystery Rare.

You are able to view all available editions in the Burn center, and can also sort these editions by least valuable, newest, oldest, most editions, Rare first, or Common first. Pro Tip: try filtering by “Least Valuable,” to start.

Once you have indicated which assets to burn, sit back and wait for the magic to happen as your mystery asset is randomly selected. These rewards are randomly determined after you confirm a burn and are not capped in value. At a minimum, they will be worth 1 $R (Common) and 10 $R (Rare).

Unique assets cannot be burned at this time.


  • Burning Eligibility

Q: Can I burn my own Assets? Are there any Assets I can’t burn?

A: You can elect to burn any Common or Rare Assets that you own, i.e. are within your portfolio when you enter the Burning Center.

  • Asset Recovery:

Q: Can I get my assets back after they are burned?

A: Can you get a log back after you throw it into a fire, and it’s reduced to a pile of ash? No–same principle.

  • Mystery Assets:

Q: What if I don’t like my Mystery Asset?

A: Better luck next time! Mystery Assets can also be burned.

  • Creator Rights

Q: What if another user finds out that I burned their Asset?

A: Tell them that you loved it, but that you were trying to do them a favor by making the remaining editions of that Asset more scarce/rare.

What’s Next?

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please connect with us in Discord or on social media to let us know you like the new feature. We’re also happy to answer questions about how burning works or anything else you’d like to know.

On Thursdays, you can join us for a Town Hall or “Play the Game” session and interact with the team live on Zoom. You can register here!

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